Friday, January 29, 2010

Vestige (oil and mixed media on panel)

On my Website, I have renewed "Syndication section", including several scenic watercolors that I made just to get to this region where I live 15 years ago. Paintings are very true to life, almost photographic; and they only sought to deepen in the new environment that surrounded me, evoking it with the characteristic spontaneity and immediacy of the watercolor.

I have also included my latest work "Vestige" in Gallery IV, and in general Gallery. This is an oil on board 57.48 x 44.88 in. (146 x 114 cm.) primed with mixed media. This work could also be considered landscaping, since it arises of the feeling that this rural, hefty, and piercing nature, causes in me; although the course of this time, have converted my pictorial language in purely expressive more than illustrative.


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