Monday, May 31, 2004

I have just met with a very suggestive and sensual image, with a great originality and artistic quality. . . It is the pictorial picture that appears in the main page of this site, illustrating the entrance to the varied exhibitions of the interior. I recommend them to you! Pictures and new artist paintings-gallery-JMGiralt

Friday, May 21, 2004

This comment, as well as the graphic distortion of my picture "Gothic Threshold", it is dedicated to Ann by their encouraging words, which act like one harangues for my creativity.

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Ann without knowing it, she has become the muse of the juggler that he sings brushstrokes in my interior...

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Now the game can make that it is resided, not in the gradual creation of a work
with its new forms, new color, and textures originated expressly for the
gestation of that above new work...; but on the contrary, now they will
transform and they will already modify the forms, the colors, and the textures
of a painting carried out. As example, I present you this mutation formal
and of texture, to which has been subjected my painting to the oil "Background
being made woman".
I hope the challenge to which I invite you is of your pleasure.

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And after the successive manipulations... The result is :::::

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After this lingering interval of time without publishing in our Blog...

It will be the spirit of writing, to communicate, or the intention of promoting the own work developed in the blog that oneself is creating; the truth is that this relationship modality that represents the world of the Blog, is fascinating for the vital and dynamics thing that it is, and that it can end up being. . . almost infinite.