Saturday, June 28, 2008

The expression of the vital experiences of an artist, constitutes the essence of its own art. As those events are happened, in consonance their emotions and their artistic language also go evolving.

This way, when the last year my beloved partner "King" King, my dear and unforgettable friend and partner. (a wonderful german shepherd dog) he died in my arms due to a sudden attack to the heart; all my interior and external world cracked. I was hole then, unable to generate some creative thought or simply with vitality.

But when the reality is finally assumed, the primitive flame that burns perennial inside the artist it illuminates renovated ideas. These lean on in the previous trajectory, although now they also dare to break up in certain measure with her to express with more emphasis the new feelings.

This way my first work of this phase arises: "Epitaph" Artwork that evokes King and the perennial dialogue with their memory. (oil, enamel, and mixed technique, on canvas of 28.74x36.22 in.); dedicated, as it could not be in another way, to "King" that is their inspiring one and main character.

The following works created next, they are being picked up in the fourth Gallery of my website.