Friday, August 16, 2013

Conception and development of this Blog painting

Conception and development of this Blog painting

What nostalgia repost my domain through my Blogger account!
I revealed against homogeneity against forced anonymity. Now I'm doing the map of my website, I will not abandon these pages of my property real, hosted on another server there strange alien to me ...

Sunday, August 04, 2013

At last, hello again ..., and never better!

After a hard work ..., arduous and very thorough, I have completely finished updating my entire Website.

There were several circumstances that together, they made me one after another to be renewed every page. For example: the images of my Works (important part of my professional presence on the network), it has given them a quality more akin to reality; is enhanced internal circulation of Visitors to have a more satisfying experience as a customer buyer; and included (and remain so) new Paintings that will compose my upcoming Exhibitions; and more ...

I will appreciate your comments I hope.
To see how!